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Combined air tightness and thermal imaging

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A combination of airtightness testing and thermal imaging can give valuable insights into how a building is performing.

Thermal image of house

Whole house energy audits

Depressurising a building using air tightness testing equipment

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Building heat loss surveys

Thermal imaging is an effective way of exploring and improving a building’s heat loss. We can survey whole buildings, or focus on problem areas. All our surveys include a full report describing the process and our findings. Thermal imaging can reveal areas of high heat loss, missing insulation, cold bridges, building defects, etc.

Building defects

Thermal imaging can also be a quick and efficient way of finding defects such as; cracked/leaking render, leaking flat roofs, leaks around window and door openings, leaks caused by building penetrations (such as pipes and cables)

Fault finding for electrical and mechanical applications

While our main expertise is in the area of building performance, we are happy to work alongside electrical and mechanical engineers to use our thermal imaging equipment and understanding as a tool to find electrical and mechanical faults, often before it is even clear that there is a problem.

Drone thermal imaging

This is a service we are developing, please get in touch if you have projects in mind to discuss.

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