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Airtightness testing, advice & support

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Blower door airtightness test in progress

Airtightness services

We can help with a range of airtightness services, including testing, advice and support for:

  • Building regulations compliance/SAP calculations

  • Passivhaus/Low Energy buildings

  • Retrofit projects

  • Fault finding/diagnostics

  • Airtightness testing is also sometimes known as 'air testing' or 'air permeability testing'.

  • Late notice and weekend service often available.

  • Domestic and commercial properties below 4000m3

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Building regulations compliance/SAP calculations

  • Completion tests to measure air permeability to prove compliance with building regulations compliance or designed air permeability for SAP calculations.

  • Progress tests during the build process to monitor progress and ensure that the required levels of airtightness are achieved.

  • Remedial work - advice on ways to improve a poor airtightness test result


We stongly advise considering airtightness at an early stage, it is very hard to effectively correct problems after completion.

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Passivhaus / Low Energy Buildings

  • Airtightness is key to low energy buildings such as Passive House/Passivhaus to achieve energy consumption targets and ensure the ventilation system is working as well as possible.

  • We have dedicated equipment for testing buildings with very low air leakage, and have received Passivhaus Trust / ATTMA accredited additional training in testing this sort of building.

  • Certified Passive House Tradesperson.

  • Stage tests and final tests.

  • Nationwide service.


  • Understanding the airtightness of a building, is vital when planning energy efficient retrofit. 

  • You might want to quantify your building's air permeability to inform ventilation design.

  • Finding and improving areas which are particularly leaky can help reduce unwanted draughts & heat loss, and help an effective ventilation strategy.

Ventilation must always be considered alongside airtightness to produce a comfortable healthy building. The ideal is to produce a very airtight house, with a well-designed ventilation system. This reduces unwanted draughts, and provides good indoor air quality. Ventilation should be designed by a suitably qualified and experienced ventilation engineer, but we are happy to discuss approaches to this issue to help get a project specified.

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