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EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates)

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EPC energy efficiency rating

Domestic EPCs

We produce EPCs for existing domestic dwellings (houses and flats) in North West Wales.

It is a requirement to have a valid EPC when a property is built, sold or rented (there are some exemptions. See for full details).

Times and dates to suit you.

We are committed to maintaining high standards, and take pride in doing as accurate an assessment as possible, even if this takes slightly longer, and are happy to involve home owners in the process if they are interested.

It should be remembered that an EPC is not an accurate measure of a building’s energy consumption, it is a simplified method to estimate a building’s energy consumption (and the associated environmental impact), based on how the building is constructed and a range of assumptions about how it might be used. This rarely gives an accurate prediction of energy consumption, but it does allow buildings to be compared with each other and gives an ‘Energy Rating’ of A-G, and an environmental impact rating, also from A-G. An EPC is valid for 10 years.

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